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Welcome to the SENTECH Portal

Welcome to the SENTECH CONSULT Portal, the Internet Home for SENTECH CONSULT. This site offers short information on ironbased material and selection. It provides online possibility to search for standarized steels. It also offers the possibility to seach for mechanical properties like tensile strength, yield strength or hardness.

The Materials feature is thought to serve as a short description of various material types. It could be differences between cast and forged material of same composition.

The Material Selection feature is created as a search possiblity for the individual user. The site can be used to look up further information on a "known" material.

When the links are ready it will also be possible to make the first search for suitable materials to be used in a new design or when manufacturing has to be transferred to other suppliers.

Feel free to browse the site and explore.

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High alloy white iron, Nihard IV type

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